2014 OneBeat Fellow Blessing Chimanga on traditional music, education, and the legacy of the marimba: “I want to put a footstep in the history of Zimbabwean music”

Found Sound Nation’s Nyokabi Kariuki talks to the first round recipients of OneBeat’s Accelerator Grant

Blessing at OneBeat, 2014, Arcosanti, AZ | Photo by Hannah Devereux
Blessing at OneBeat, 2014, Albuquerque, NM | Photo by Hannah Devereux

“In the history of Zimbabwean music, I’ve been able to put a footstep with this guide.”

Blessing and Alex Asher at OneBeat, 2014 | Photo by Hannah Devereux



Found Sound Nation is a collective that designs collaborative music projects. www.foundsoundnation.org

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