2019 OneBeat Fellow Jason Kunwar on creating a space for Nepalese musicians in the midst of a pandemic

Found Sound Nation’s Nyokabi Kariuki talks to the second round recipients of OneBeat’s Accelerator Grant

Jason Kunwar, OneBeat 2019 | Photo by Alexia Webster

“The survival of traditional music depends upon the young generation of musicians.”

Jason’s band ‘Night’ perform at Radio Asia Festival in Warsaw, Poland | Photo by Bartek Muracki

“Our main goal and communication never centered around collaborating and coming up with new creations, but to understand each other artistically and beyond.”

Photo by Bishwo Harsha Bajracharya
Jason performs with 2019 OneBeat Fellows Dylan Mckinstry & Fani Zahár.
Photo by Bishwo Harsha Bajracharya

“Artists strive for a community that understands their ideas and their work.”

Found Sound Nation is a collective that designs collaborative music projects. www.foundsoundnation.org