Brazilian producer Diego Abelardo and his suite for A Broken Orchestra — ‘Ideia Comum’

What’s your day to day musical practice like? Do you usually work from a conceptual framework or is your composition process typically more organic?

My daily practice is somewhat linear, varying according to my artistic needs, and so I end up transiting between different issues and musical intentions. Some days I’m determined to learn a new instrument or production software and others I just try to write some lyrics. I always work in form and aesthetics, but I leave the way open for experimentation and improvisation. I believe that I go from the rhythmic precision of Brazilian music to the spontaneity of free-jazz.

What’s next for you musically? Do you have any upcoming recordings or tours planned?

Last year I completed my first work, composed of three volumes called Agnostic Orchestra and I intend to explore it better, whether with audiovisual, soundtrack or even a physical release of this work. I’m looking for partnerships for this. I’m organizing didactic materials for videos on the internet, where I will teach about theory, musical production and varied concepts of creation. I’m also organizing my own sound bank so that other musicians and producers can use it. I plan to release three singles for the second half, songs that I’ve been working on for a long time and that now make a lot of sense to me. A song in partnership with Saskia Peter is in the plans. I also want to make good presentations of my work to play at festivals and events throughout Brazil or even, who knows, the world. I think that’s it, the sound does not stop!

Suites for A Broken Orchestra out on Found Sound Records May 1st 2019.



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