From Russian Art Pop to Lüo Folk, here are 10 Albums Released by OneBeat Fellows in 2020

Our alumni continue to share their musical talent boldly, even in a year plagued by challenges

1. Kate NV (Russia) — ‘Room For The Moon’

2. Guedra Guedra (Morocco) — ‘Son of Sun’

3. Grace Love (USA) — ‘Sing Into the Dark’

4. Rapasa Nyatrapasa Otieno (Kenya) — ‘Tipona’

5. Sandunes (India) — ‘Spaven x Sandunes’

6. Sacramento Knoxx (Detroit, USA) — ‘The Winter Tried to Kill Me: Sad NDN Love Songs’

7. Juliano Abramovay (Brazil) — ‘Amazonon’

8. LADAMA (Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, USA) — ‘Oye Mujer’

9. Piotr Kurek (Poland) — ‘A Sacrifice Shall Be Made / All The Wicked Scenes’

10. Aurora Nealand + Tom McDermott (USA) — ‘Live at Luthjen’s’

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